One of the oldest and hardest sports in the world. Real and un-scripted; Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling delivered by our very own Australian National Wrestling coach Amin who has over 30 years of national & international experience. This discipline incorporates speed, explosiveness, agility and flexibility.

Ideal for MMA and stand-up in BJJ.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is essentially grappling and ground fighting revolving around the objective of controlling your opponent, putting them in a less-than-ideal position and getting them to submit to various submission holds, chokes and locks.


Where lovers of multiple combat sports come to play. The skills and technique you’ve learnt in striking and grappling are seamlessly put together and taught by our coaches. Whether you’re just dabbling for fun and fitness, want to get in the cage for the first time or build on your existing fighting career our team is well equipped with the skills and knowledge to get you going.


Boxing. The bread and butter of all combat sports. Known as the sweet science, boxing combines both defensive and offensive tactics to form the basis of stand-up combat. Although most may see boxing as a savage brawl between two opponents, the fundamental objective to hit and not be hit is where the true technicians gain the upper-hand.

Anyone who’s tried boxing will know that it isn’t just a mindless flurry of punches. The other components that need to be mastered are head movement, foot-work, timing and speed. 


Allows kicks, knees and elbows, different pace and stance to boxing.

Bottom line, you're in for a full body workout, utilising every muscle group.

Improve overall fitness and cardio, stress relief after a hard day at the office or even train to get in the ring.



I didn't know a thing about wrestling and first class in with coach Amin, I fell in love with the martial art. He is a terrific coach and you will learn some serious skills, just as I have. The other trainers and the facilities are first class. Don't even hesitate, just come train 💪✌️👊

Diamond Bathrooms, via Google

I have been coming here since it opened, loved the place so much that my entire family come here to train. Since training under head coach Amin they have developed confidence, fitness, strength and respect for themselves as well as others.
Highly recommended.
Steven Grimmer, via Google

Great club for wrestling, BJJ and striking. Very friendly environment, open to all levels. Coach Amin and the team are doing a great job👍
Natasha Kotova, via Google

I have been training at mat masters for a few months now.
Great coaches and friendly people. Great environment to learn.
Bakir Awamleh, via Google

Bakir Awamleh

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